What We're Doing & Developing

Connecting Patients and Survivors

Our mission is to increase the number of BIPOC cancer survivors. We believe every BIPOC cancer patient deserves culturally appropriate care and support. Would you like to connect with a survivor? Are you a survivor who would like to be a mentor? EMAIL US.

BIPOC Care Kits

A cancer diagnosis can feel like life is over. Our signature BIPOC care packages express that we are here, through it all, and for the long haul. We are not statistics. Would you like to send your loved one a UCC Care Package?

Fabulous Forums

We’ll ultimately host a variety of support forums, in several languages, to go alongside our signature chit-chat, Mama’s Table. Would you like to join or host an informational support session? It’s designed for you.

Enabling Early Detection

Because early detection saves lives, there needs to be effective, confidential, and culturally appropriate testing in undeserved communities. Our sole mission is to increase the number of BIPOC cancer survivors, and this work lies at the very heart of that mission. Would you like to partner in this work?

Fostering Culturally Competent Care

Quality healthcare often requires cross cultural respect and readiness. We are dedicated to training the entire medical community in culturally competent caregiving. Would you like to know more about our developing UCC Certified Caregiver Program? 

Finding the Facts and Figures

As absurd as this sounds, the reality is that comprehensive data concerning the BIPOC cancer community does not yet exist. Consequently, we have launched an unprecedented effort to finally, and officially, unearth the verified data our work and communities demand. Would you like to support and further this effort? 

Fertility Assistance

Cancer affects every aspect of life, including conception and family planning. 1 in 8 persons in the US will experience infertility, and cancer increases the risk of infertility. In the BIPOC community, this risk is further magnified where tough conversations about fertility preservation aren’t always considered. At UCC, we are committed to couples hoping to start or expand their families, even as they battle cancer together. We are not statistics.

Clinical Trials

At present, BIPOC cancer patients are disproportionately absent from clinical trials. African-Americans, in particular, are especially reluctant – rightfully so – to place their lives on the altar of scientific discovery. Unfortunately, the reality of insufficient trial data only slows down our pursuit of a cure. We don’t accept this. For the sake of every person afflicted with cancer, we have to #colorthecare, #colorthecoalition, and #colorthecure. It’s time.

The UCC MOSAIC Conference

The MOSAIC CONFERENCE will bring together BIPOC cancer patients, doctors, and caregivers, along with organizations, medical schools, researchers, policy makers, advocates, practitioners, and professionals to jointly confront our shared challenges and strive together toward a cure. Would you like to be a speaker, presenter, or participant?

The State of BIPOC Cancer Report

We will publish the results of our data collection efforts, and include insight and analysis and recommendations from global experts so doctors and families and lawmakers have the critical information they need to make informed decisions, and save lives. We are not statistics.